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Accountant / Tax Planning

Tax minimisation is one thing but being able to borrow money to continue your wealth creation is another.

Combined with asset protection and tax effective structuring, it is important to get this right.

Xcellerate Wealth

Cash-Flow Management & Financial Freedom Modelling

Having a financial plan is vital. Being able to see the numbers for how that all looks and comes together as one is imperative.

The financial modelling program has been built around exactly this. The team can model your next step for you, before you do it!

The program breaks down your financial position into a month-by-month basis to help you make the right financial decisions.

Xcellerate Wealth

Property Education

Buying an investment property is easy enough, as finding one you like is not difficult. BUT … what does that property need to do for you?

Can you force additional value on the property?

Is the location correct?

Does the cash-flow of the property meet your requirements for that property purchase?

Knowing what your property requirements are, and then finding the right property to match those requirements for this part of your financial plan is imperative to your success.

With over 30 Lender Accreditations, you’re well looked after.

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